Monday, June 27, 2011

Box Elder Forks Campground

Nate and Lydia making oatmeal for breakfast.
Grilling ham and cheese pudgie pies for lunch.
The last sign of civilization.

Posted by PicasaAfter a wonderful Sunday worship service, the church picnic, picking up firewood from the Prebles, and getting some groceries for the week, we found Camp Sweet Camp for the next few days. If you follow a dead-end road to the end, find the small National Forest Campground there, follow the circle drive all the way to the back, there you find the perfect place to pitch a tent. On one side we had a steep embankment covered with pines and on the other Box Elder Creek flowed past. We cooked over the fire, hiked, explored, and just savored the time in such a beautiful place.

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