Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today Nathan and I celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.  Although it seems like just yesterday we were a blushing bride and a grinning groom, it's been ten years.

The years have been both filled and fulfilling.  We've gone from a couple to a family of five.  We've lived in three states at four addresses.  We've bought and sold a home.  I have had five part time jobs, substitute taught in 10 different classrooms, and yet claim full time homemaker as my career title.  Nate has been employed as a teacher, soldier, principal, carpenter, machinist, and air craft mechanic.  We still own the same car but have added a mini van as well.

Ten yeas ago we held hands, looked into each others eyes, and repeated the vows of Christian Marriage. I was certain that day that our love stretched was as far as the east is to the west.  My heart could not contain the love that I felt for Nathan.  Yet today that love is even more abundant.  That love is still broad enough to span the globe.  What has changed is the depth of the love.  There is a depth that comes only when two heart share the days and years of marriage.  A love that deepens with each joy, with each trial, with the addition of children to a marriage, with the link of working on a common goal, with the daily routine of putting the other first, with nightly prayers to the same loving Lord. 

To borrow the words of an old song, "We come from a long line of love."  Both sets of our parents have been married for over thirty years.  Our grandparents marriages have all endured until death parted them. It's my prayer that someday the same can be said of us.  Today ten years might seem long but someday looking back ten years will have only been the beginning.  Happy Tenth Anniversary Nathan. I am honored to be your wife. I love you and look forward so much more with you.

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