Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Afternoon at the Swim Center

  I wasn't really planning on taking the kids swimming for the church event since we had evening plans but our friend Jon was looking for some kids to play with at the pool. We picked up Jon and off the kids and I went.

Evan warmed up to the water first and, with a lot of trust in Jon, thought the frog was great fun.   Lydia thought the water was great and shortly after this picture I put her life jacket on because she would just keep walking even when the water was over her head.   Hans was the last to let Jon put him on the frog. Once he figured out he could touch the bottom of the pool he was more confident (As you can see in the fourth picture.)   And of course Jon had to have his turn on the frog. Hans may have helped him off. :) It was a fun afternoon that has the kids begging to go to the pool again.

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