Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday Hike

        As mentioned earlier, Brian & Katy came to visit us this past weekend. Sunday was forecast to be the nicest of the three day weekend so we took advantage and hit the trail. We went up to part of the Flume Trail (a favorite of ours) armed with geocache coordinates and an entourage made up of Brian, Katy, Brett, and Adrienne (the "new" teacher and his wife). The hike follows an 1880 flume that went from Sheridan Lake to the town of Rockerville. Parts of the trail are still littered with old lumber that made the flume. It was cool but the sun was shining so we all enjoyed the hike and geocache. This was Lydia's first hike walking on her own. She's getting heavy in the backpack and she wants to be down running around. She was a little trooper and went nearly the whole way. She did get carried over a few rough spots and was tired at the end but since we went over three miles that's to be expected. When we got back to the trail head we picnicked and just enjoyed soaking up the sun.

1: Happy Hikers :)

2: Katy and Lydia resting along the trail.

3: Lydia getting tired at the end. How can I tell? The thumb is in and the hair is twirling.

4: The view to the east. Below Spring Creek can be seen and, with the recent rains, we could really hear it flowing. A breeze in the pines, a creek babbling, sun in the sky, and a trail ahead. This is the life.

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