Tuesday, May 20, 2008


  For a few days last week a stray cat adopted our family. It followed the neighbor boy home from school and despite his best attempts to take it back to school or ask around, the home couldn't be found. As a result the stray just hung out where it got the most attention (in our backyard with the kids). This brought up great discussions about pets or in the case of the kids, lack of pets. After six day we finally told the kids we were going to take it to the humane society so maybe the owner could find it since it wouldn't leave our house. The day we planned to take it in the cat disappeared and we haven't seen it since. The kids are sure it found it's way back home and I hope it did. With us entering the world of renting it will be a few years until we can get a "real, fuzzy" pet but someday we will.
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