Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Big Snow of 2008

It seems like when weather men around here predict big snow storms we end up with a few flurries and nothing accumulates. Wednesday they started saying we were in for a spring blizzard Thursday and Friday. As we were leaving the Ascension service at 8:30pm Thursday night it was still warm and raining so we figured that once again the weathermen were overly optimistic.

It did start to snow a little about 11pm. About quarter to four Hans woke us up because the bathroom light was "broken." The power was out and one look out the window let us know that the weathermen weren't wrong after all.

Town was shut down all day so we just hung out here and made the most of it. I"d guess we had 12-15 inches of snow but I'm not sure what the official snow fall totals are since we had 40-50 mph winds with 60+mph gusts. The drifts were incredible! By 1pm the storm had blown through and the skies were clearing. Nate and the kids went out about 1:30 and the boys were out with him for over three hours playing, building forts (badger holes according to Hans), sledding, and shoveling. I warmed the house by simmering a big pot of chili, baking some french bread, and making caramel corn to snack on with the hot cocoa.

We've been out again today it's again beautiful. Right now the temperature is 60 degrees so water is dripping and running everywhere. It's supposed to be at least that warm all week so by Friday I'll probably need to mow the lawn.

Happy May to everyone. :)

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