Friday, September 12, 2008

Driving 101

With kids it doesn't take long to get to know your neighbors. They have managed to meet nearly a dozen neighborhood kids and as a result we meet the parents. The neighbors we've gotten to know best are the one next door, we have an adjoining driveway. It's even more convenient since McKenna is the same age as Evan and Mason the same age as Lydia. If any combination of the five kids are outside you can bet they're playing together. An evening earlier this week found all five in the neighbors' backyard taking turns driving. A recent addition to the bikes, scooters, skateboard, and roller skates that usually clutter the driveway was a power wheels "gator." (It's not ours but the neighbors.) With a lot of laughter, a little apprehension, a few minor crashes, and a lot of fun they took turns driving and being driven around the neighbors' backyard. They rode long enough to wear out the battery which was timed perfectly with needing to pick up and come in for the night. Now the only sad thing about the whole story is that these neighbors are moving on Sunday. Hans' commentary on the subject, "I don't want them to move. They're my new friends." Bummer. At least we have the fun memories.
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Kristi said...

And what is not to love about a Gator? Ride on kids, ride on.