Friday, September 5, 2008

In a Little Boat

As I mentioned earlier one thing the boys were really, really, really looking forward to doing at Camp was fishing. They spent lots of time on the dock dropping in their lines and are now both accomplished casters. After dinner one evening Nathan and I took them out in one of Camp's little row boats to see if we could find anything bigger than the bait-stealer's that hang around the dock. We found a few fish before it was really too dark for us to be on the lake anymore. There weren't enough for a meal but certainly enough for the boys to have the fishing bug in a big, BIG way.

**Note: We planned on taking Lydia but she's turning a little girly and didn't want to be by "yucky" fish or is a "noisy, loud boat." Sheesh! She stayed on the beach and played in the sand with Grandpa instead.)**

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