Thursday, May 28, 2009

Backyard Camp Out

As much as I'd have loved to pack up and camp out this weekend it didn't fit our plans. I did let the kids set their tent up in the yard for fun. They came up with the idea that they'd sleep in it Sunday night. We had no school or schedule on Monday I figured we could try it and if it ended up being a crazy night we'd at least have Monday to recover. Since the tent is small I zipped the boys sleeping bags together to make a double sleeping bag that all three kids could share. They were tucked in about 8:15pm but kept chatting until closer to 10pm. Evan came it to use the bathroom once and needed a flashlight to go back out but otherwise they slept till after 7am without major incident. The whole thing was pretty sweet but the sweetest thing was overhearing both boys telling Lydia that if she got scared she could cuddle in the middle of them and they'd keep her safe and warm. Warmed my heart.

Nathan suck out and snapped a few pictures once they were asleep.

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