Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some SD "Family"

Our dear friends the Smiths (no, not family even though we share the same last name) came to visit last Saturday. Their oldest son is a bit of an organ nut and he had a concert in southern WI on Sunday. That was the "real" reason for their trip from SD to WI but they threw in a stop here as well. Part of the lure of Oshkosh (besides us) was the EAA museum since Kim shares Nate's love for all things aviation. After a bite to eat we headed over for a tour. Our kids could go to EAA every other day if we'd let them. I think the same could be said for Nate. And after the few hours on Saturday afternoon the SD Smith have decided they're going to be coming back to visit it again too. We're glad. :o)

1. If you take the time to watch the Space Ship One movie at the museum you'll see one of the test pilots floating around M&Ms on a flight. There is an interactive projector set up so you can play with floating M&Ms too. Here you can see Denise, Kelly, and Lydia's shadows and Evan playing.

2. Future pilot? Hmm?

3. The three amigos, or Smiths as it may be.

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