Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

This past weekend Nathan took the time for a well deserved vacation and went with his brother Michael visited the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. Nathan made this trip with his brother Matthew before we were married and has wanted to go back ever since. It worked out that the brothers could meet in southern MI and head to Dayton together Friday afternoon, spend Saturday touring, head back to Michael's Saturday evening, and they Nathan made it home by Sunday evening. From what I understand they were at the museum by the time the doors opened, stayed until they were kicked out at closing time, and then spent over an hour wandering around the outdoor exhibits. Now Nathan has been there twice and talks about going back again. Some men catch fishing pox, other's are affected by seasonal hunting issues, but Nathan has been inflicted with the aviation bug. They had a great time.

Being boys most of the pictures are of airplanes that I can't name without help but there were a few pictures with actual people in them.

1: Micheal was there.

2: Nathan was there.

3: Some airplane I can't name but liked since it has a pink elephant on the nose.

4: A cool shot of a shiny plane.

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