Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Springtime means T-Ball is in the air!

Sunday evening was the first T-Ball game in Evan's sports career. He started practice a few weeks ago and was very excited to play a real game. At the 5&6 year old level they don't really keep score and the length of innings are determined by the number of batters rather than outs. Evan was the last better in the order this time so after he hit the ball the runner all got to run home. As a result he hit a home run every time! Also each inning they rotate positions so he played third base and catcher. He plays Sunday nights from now until the end of July so if you're in the neighborhood we'd love to have you join us.

1: The Blue Team

2: The coach helping him get ready to bat and making sure he knew to run to first base. I like how it looks like he's saying where he's going to hit the ball.

3: Ready to round home and high-five the coach with the RBIs in front of him.

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