Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Bark

Because this is the start of the season of candy and since we didn't have nearly enough sweets in the house after Halloween the kids and I made this delectable treat one evening. We lined a baking sheet with wax paper, covering the paper with fall colored candy (Reese's pieces, candy corn, and candy corn Hersey's kisses), and then drizzled melted chocolate almond bark and vanilla almond bark to glue the mess together. After it hardened we broke it into cookie size pieces. Just so you know we're not complete gluttons here we did send most of the finished project with Nathan to school to share with his classmates (One of which said, "Wow. This candy beat up your candy, spits on it, and walks away". Which I'm taking to mean he liked it.) We are looking forward to making Christmas bark sometime in December.
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