Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Break with Naomi

The last week of October the kids had off of school. (Our school lumps teacher's conferences, parent teacher's conferences, and a faculty in-service day into one week and we LOVE it.) We took advantage of the time and headed to my in-laws for a few days to visit them along with my sister-in-law Kristi and my sweet niece Naomi. The kids filled their days with time playing outside in the yard, "helping" Grandpa in the barn, "helping" ship pigs, and giving lots and lots of love to Naomi. She's the only cousin on this side of the family so far so she gets all the attention she can handle. Not that I can blame them for loving her. She's as sweet as can be and cuter than cute! I appreciated the time chatting with my dearest friend and spending time with my generous in-laws. All around the trip went to quickly but left us all happier than when we started.

1. Loving by Lydia.

2. Evan sharing toys with Naomi.

3. Hans getting his share of cuddles.

4. One proud mom with her smiley babe.

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