Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last Sunday evening we were happily carving our pumpkins when the door bell rang. When the kids ran to answer it there was no on there but simply a bowl of Halloween goodies and a note. The note told us we'd been "ghosted" by someone who wanted to spread some Halloween fun around the neighborhood. Now, to keep the fun moving, we had to choose three people to "ghost." Tuesday we headed out to find some goodies-candy, toys, pencils, straws, and cups-to use in our ghosting adventure. The boys each chose a classmate to ghost and Lydia the neighbors. Then we took turns sneaking to front doors, leaving cups of goodies with notes, knocking really loudly, and running away before being detected. It was a HOOT! The kids loved the whole things from shopping for treats for our friends to whispering the whole way to their houses to running away. We'll certainly try this again next Halloween and maybe even a modified version on May Day.
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