Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Autumn Hiking

If you've been following here for long you've noticed that when possible we love to spend a day, afternoon, or evening hiking. We still miss the Black Hills and all their glory but have enjoyed getting to know High Cliff State Park this fall. Here we are on a sunny afternoon last weekend.

1. Nathan and the kids with a rather large reproduction of Chief Red Bird of the Winnebago tribe overlooking the lake.

2. While seeking a geocache we had to climb a tree. The kids weren't quite tall enough to reach the hiding spot, but they enjoyed the climb.

3. Lydia climbed up to this point and announced it was where she was going to hibernate. Hmm?

4. This was the mother of all leaf piles. The entire picnic area had been cleared of the leaves and the pile was along the edge of the woods. The kids were waist deep in leaves and having so much fun that Nathan and I joined them. While the van was a little messier on the way home the joy of playing in the leaves with three happy kids was worth it.

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