Friday, February 12, 2010

Lydia turns 4

Having a birthday between Christmas and New Years means Lydia's birthday gets a little lost in the holiday crush. We had mini celebrations with our families when we visited them over Christmas but we waited to have the cake she chose and give her the gifts from us until after we'd returned home.

The cake may look a little familiar since it's nearly identical to the one I made Nathan last year only the plane is pink per Lydia's instructions. One day this fall she asked me which flies airplanes a pilot or a pirate? I carefully pronounced pilot for her. She replied by explaining she's going to "be a pilot when I grow up so I can just be with my Daddy all day long". You can tell how Daddy rates around here. This airplane affection isn't limited to just the boys in the house.

I can't believe how quickly Lydia is growing up, how quickly another year has passed. She is certainly a little girl with her own opinions, feelings, plans, and ideas. Her determinations and stubbornness are still apparent but so are her the creativity, helpfulness, and silliness. Her big brown eyes are always sparkling with spirit and spunk. We love you Lydia. Happy Fourth Birthday!

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