Sunday, April 18, 2010

Next Leg

I suppose technically the next leg of our tour was back home for Monday and Tuesday although "tour" implies that we were someplace other than home. Either way after two days back home the kids and I headed back to Nathan's parents to meet up with his sister Joanna who also was enjoying Spring Break. Jo and I had planned an "Aunt Joanna Adventure" for Wednesday.

Our adventure began with a stop at Mall of America. Evan has several classmates who have vacationed in Florida where there are many great things including Lego Land. Evan really wanted to visit Florida to visit Lego Land. Hmm. I decided I could make this happen without a trip to Florida. We spent the better part of an hour designing race cars and crashing them around at MOA's Lego Land. We also did some wandering around of the mall and took many aimless trips up and down escalators and elevators just for the fun of it. We toyed with the idea of rides but decided to save those for another visit, maybe with Dad.

Our next stop has no pictures but we did wander around Ikea for a little while and managed to find a few birthday gifts but not the rug I'd been hoping for. After that we hoped back in the van and headed for our afternoon portion of the adventure.

1. Lego Land!

2. Lydia's girl car that was green and orange with a girl driver.

3. Jo playing technical advisor the boys.

4. Three Amigos!

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