Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Q&U Wedding 2010

The Kindergarten teacher both boys have had is excellent. Mrs. Frederickson is kind, creative, and turns preschoolers into first graders. She's the kind of K teacher everyone should have.

One of her annual creative events is the Q&U wedding. While technically it'd be a renewal of vows (or vowels??) that concept is a little beyond Kindergartners. Each year there is a wedding complete with shower of gifts beginning with the letter Q, a ceremony, a dance, and of course, a reception complete with cake.

This year and last I've gotten to make the cake. (See here for last years cake.) This year I had quite the little assistant (picture #1).

When making a Q&U wedding cake it must be lots of fun. Kindergartners need fun cakes. I used two basic white cakes, divided the batter into six equal bowls and tinted them rainbow colors. Then Lydia and I made rainbow marble cake in two 9in. circle pans and three 6in. circle pans (picture #2). After they'd baked and cooled, I trimmed them to make them level. This also gives a nice peek inside. (picture #3). To finish I frosted and layered the 9in circles and topped them with two 6in circles. The cake was completed with pastel rainbow polka dots and a Q&U cake topper (picture #4). Lydia did decorate the extra 6in cake for her friend Cooper but I forgot to get a picture of that.

Now Q&U can just live happily ever after!

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Kristi said...

Love the cake. It looks like a very fancy affair!!!