Sunday, April 18, 2010

Second leg of the Tour

Saturday afternoon we arrived at Nathan's parents house where nearly all of his family already was together. (Andrea is still in South America.) Shortly after our arrival Michael and Tammy announced they are expecting their first child in September. Thrilled doesn't even come close to describing how excited we are for them. Due to medical treatments they'd been told kids would be just short of impossible. What an awesome reminded of God's great power right before Easter!

Sunday we started the day at Nathan's home congregation for the Easter morning service. Choirs, trumpets, bells, a strong sermon, and delicious breakfast completed the morning. After a stop back at his parents to change we headed to Nathan's Grandma's for lunch with the extended family which I think was 44 people this year. It was a beautiful afternoon both in weather and in company. As evening approached we said our good byes and headed back home for a brief stop in the tour. :o)

picture 1-Many of the cousins at Grandma's.

picture 2- Mary and Naomi happily playing with Great Grandma's Easter decorations.

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Kristi said...

I love Naomi's face in this picture. "Yes, I am playing with a wooden bunny. Why would you want a picture of that?"