Monday, April 5, 2010

No March

Over Easter weekend I was scolded by several family members about not keeping up with this blog. In reply I just flashed my March calendar at them and they understood my dilemma, no time! I considered attaching a copy of it here but decided a few random shots of the kids would go over better. I'll do my best to catch up here especially since there are now Easter pictures to blog about and the kids and I have some spring break adventures planned for later in the week. Until them, know we're well, we're happy, and we're abundantly blessed by our Lord.

1. Lydia dressed herself for Saturday morning dance class. Red tights, pink tutu, lavender sweatshirt, and butterfly sunglasses do all belong together when you're a four year old girl.

2. Hans with his ever present smile.

3. Evan working on daily vision therapy exercises.

4. Who needs toys? Our new comforter came in this box that has been a boat, airplane, school, garage, and currently is a barbie house.

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