Thursday, December 4, 2008

20 Years

The fall of 1988 my family moved to WI and began the family tradition of cutting our Christmas tree at St. Croix Valley Trees near Somerset, WI. It's a neat old dairy farm where the hay barn now bales the fresh cut trees, a player piano pounds out Christmas carols, cider warms the hands after the hunt, and there's a sign that reads, "Unattended children will be sold to the elves." The farm has grown and changed over the past twenty years but then again so has our family. My Mom has pictures of the four "originals" those first years and this year she didn't bother taking any of us but instead took pictures of the six grandchildren (pics. 1 &2). This being our twentieth year the owners asked to take a picture of the entire family with the four Christmas trees we cut to use in next year's advertising (pic. 3). Merry Christmas Tradition!!
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