Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lydia turns Three

On December 28 Lydia turned three. Since she's been telling people she's five for at least six months she's now starting saying she's six. I told her she doesn't need to grow up any faster than she already is.

Lydia has had her own distinct personality from day one. Considering that the stubbornness hasn't worn off in the last three years (and it's apparently hereditary) I don't expect that to change anytime soon. She is becoming more and more articulate, creative, helpful, and sweet. It's fun to watch her as she balances her tomboy side when she's with her brothers with her girly side when she's playing with babies-hers and real ones. Happy Birthday, Lydi-Girl. We love you.

After much debate, looking at pictures of cakes, and changing her mind daily, Lydia picked a penguin cake. It's made out of two nine inch circle cakes, frosted with chocolate frosting for the majority, butter cream frosting for the beak and feet, and marshmallow cream for the belly and eyes. She enjoyed it served with a peppermint ice cream tree.

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