Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Trip

Over the four days of Thanksgiving we headed home to the Smith and Davis family homes. We spent Thursday at Nathan's Grandma and Grandpa Zemke's with most of his extended family. Friday we had the day to just hang out and relax with the Smith's. The kids played outside, checked pigs with Grandpa, watched Dad and the uncles "shoot stuff", and just ate up the constant attention. That evening we headed to dinner at my brother Brain and his wife Katy's new house. After a boisterous evening there we headed to my parents' house. Saturday we cut Christmas trees (see previous post) and had the whole family plus some extended family for dinner. Sunday we headed back home after church and a quick four wheeler ride. A whirlwind of a weekend and the kids are counting days till we head back.

1. Lydia was so thrilled to help decorate Grandma and Grandpa's tree. She is actually wearing two stockings on each foot and was running around yelling, "I AM MERRY CHRISTMAS!!"

2. The boys with Grandpa on the four wheeler. Can you tell which was the confident ride and which the uncertain??

3. Evan still lobbies for a really fuzzy pet and between Freckles, Sadie, and the cats at my parents' his lobbying is at an all time high.

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