Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve was new for us as there was no children's service and neither Nathan or I had any church responsibility. Nathan worked until noon today and then spent the afternoon at home with the kids and I. This evening we had a "fancy" dinner. (I'd splurged on some sale steaks and made them with mashed potatoes and seasoned veggies.) What really makes it "fancy" is that it was by candlelight via the advent wreath and a few wall sconces. We followed dinner with our candlelight service at church. The kids loved the fact that we sat in the front row ("Mom, no one is in our way of seeing Pastor!") and that they got to hold candles while we sang Silent Night. When we got home we finished the evening with some cheese, crackers, summer sausage, pumpkin pie, "kid wine" for three, and wine for two. After a few phone calls to wish Merry Christmas to others close to our hearts we let the kids open one gift each and tucked them into bed.

1. Almost angelic.

2. Typical.

3. Can you tell which kid is a ham?

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