Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Headless Horse

For the last several years I've let the kids choose what kind of birthday cake they want. I've made a snake, turtle, alligator, Mater, penguin, crayon, airplane... you get the idea. This year Evan wanted a horse that stands up. I googled horse cakes and found exactly one that met this criteria. When Evan saw it he thought it didn't look real enough. I made a few modifications, tried a few things I thought might work, and we had a horse that stood up for about five minutes. I used toothpicks, skewers, and card board to help it stand but there was a bad structural break at the neck. We took a few quick pictures and then the head fell off. You can watch the progression in the pictures.

1. Evan holding the head so it doesn't fall.

2. Getting to lick off the chocolate frosting.

3. We caught the head in a bowl while the "skeleton" sticks out.

4. Happy Birthday being sung with candles on the headless horse cake.

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