Friday, June 19, 2009

SD Friends

One might not think there are many ties between SD and WI but we keep proving that thought wrong. Yesterday we had the joy of hosting dear friends from SD for the day. After a quick sandwich and veggie lunch we spent the afternoon at the Menoninee Park Zoo, Little Oshkosh Playground, and in the waters at the beach on Lake Winnebago. Along the way we laughed, talked, and caught up with some of our favorite people. We ended the day by grilling for supper and having some ice cream treats at Andy & Ed's drive-in. The day went quickly but will be remembered for much longer. Friends like you warm the heart. Thanks for stopping!

1. Evan, Alyssa, Lydia, Ryan, Lauren, Hans, and Ethan with the lion at the entrance to the zoo.

2. The kids at Andy & Ed's.

3. The kids and three grown-ups at Andy & Ed's.

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