Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just over a month ago my dear friend Kristi and my brother-in-law Matthew had their first child. Naomi entered the world and our family on Mother's Day. She's a beautiful little girl who we look forward to knowing and loving from now on. Kristi and Matthew chose to have her baptized the day after her birth and we joined them to affirm her baptism the beginning of June. My kids and I along with my sister-in-law Joanna went up a few days early to spend extra time with the newest member of the family. She's one lovable little girl!

1. Naomi bright-eyed in Mama's arms.

2. My turn to hold, rock, cuddle, admire, and love my niece and god daughter.

3. Parents and god parents with the affirmed child of God.

4. One of my favorites, check out the Dad's happy gaze.

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