Sunday, June 14, 2009

Smith Cousins

Back last fall when we shared with our kids the news that Uncle Matthew and Aunt Kristi were going to have a baby they were immediately very excited. We had a great chat about babies and waiting for them to arrive. One of their first questions was about being either a girl baby or a boy baby. I explained that we'd have to wait till it was born to find out. Evan mused that it's be really neat if Mom's had a see-through tummy so we could watch the baby grow. I agreed that would be interesting but since we don't we'd just have to wait. Hans pointed out that even if we have to wait God doesn't, God already knew Aunt Kristi and Uncle Matthew's baby. How true!

Jump ahead to now and the kids are thrilled to have another cousin to love. On the Davis side they have three dear cousins with another on the way this fall. Naomi is the first of the Smith cousins. It took Lydia more than a few attempts to turn Nay-moni into Naomi but now that she's got that figured out she has all sorts of things she wants to do with her cousin. That girls going to be well loved to say the least!

1. Proud cousins on baptism affirmation day.

2. Safe in Evan's arms with Hans happy to help.

3. Hans takes a turn.

4. Lydia with Naomi and Kristi's mom, Pam, making sure there's not too much "loving."

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