Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shipping Pigs

**This post is out of order. The pictures are from when we were at Smiths two weeks ago. I can't believe I forgot it.**

My in-laws have a small hog operation that does custom finishing of pigs. When I explain this to my kids I tell them Grandma and Grandpa have a pig farm that gets 'kid' pigs from one farm, feeds them and takes care of them till they're big enough, and then sends them to the butcher to turn them into meat.

When we were visiting it was shipping day so the kids and I got to watch the pig come out of the barn and head into a chute leading them up into the livestock trailer. Since the pigs aren't thrilled to do this there are a few rump slaps and lots of squeals, grunts, and snorts. After a few pig passed by the kids even got brave enough to give a a few slaps and shout 'get up pig' like a seasoned farmer. For three kids who happen to live in the city but love everything country the entire event is exciting.

1: Waiting on the barrel that Grandpa set up so they could see in the chute.

2: Looking down the chute and waiting for pigs.

3: PIGS!

4: One last look back.

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Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing. I have not been privileged enough to experience this myself. Now I at least know what it looks like.