Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weding Season 2009: #2

A week and a half ago we found ourselves sitting in Christ Lutheran Church in Zumbrota listening to vows of Christian marriage. It was a little nostalgic for me since this is the church Nathan and I got married in eight (How time flies!! How things change!!) years ago. This time we were there to help his cousin Ryan and his new bride Marcy celebrate. The wedding was beautiful and we hope that the marriage will be just as lovely.

After the ceremony baloons were brought out for the kids to release. (pictures 1 & 2) Each balloon had a note with an email address asking for a note from the finder. It was a fun idea and the kids loved it.

At the reception Hans and later Evan monopolized tha camera. We have several hundred (seriously) pictures of the reception and this is the best one of the bride (picture #3). There really aren't any of the groom. Hans took this picture. It's just a fun shot of a fun night.

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