Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cousin Cassey

When we came home from MN we brought back an extra kid. Much to the delight of all involved my cousin Cassey came over to visit for a few days. The kids loved having a 'big cousin' sround to lavish attention on them. After they headed to bed Cassey and I enjoyed chatting and crocheting.

One of the fun things we did with Cassey was make 4th of July t-shirts. We make stars out of freezer paper and ironed them to white t-shirts. Then we sprayed diluted red and blue paint on the shirts. Finally we pealed off the paper stars and had custom made festive apparel. Here are four cuties modeling the final product.

The kids will listen to anyone read and Cassey was always willing so she read book after book after book..... The funniest thing about this picture is she's reading Brrr, a book about a record cold winter, while really it was in the upper 90s and unbearably humid the whole time she was here.

Thanks for coming Cassey!!

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