Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Trip

The middle of the month we had an unexpected road trip. A friend from St. Paul's Rapid City passed away (She was not only a special lady but the mother of a dear friend of mine and the grandmother of two students Nathan had taught.) and I wanted to attend the funeral. Nathan's parents kindly helped my out and agreed to watch the kids at their house while I drove out myself and Nathan stayed home for work. To make matters more interesting we had already had plans to be taking a bit of a road trip to Moline, IL where Joanna, Nathan's youngest sister, would be being installed as the k-4 teacher that Sunday. The plan was for me to drop the kids at Kevin and Mary on Tuesday, I'd head to Rapid Wednesday, they would take the kids with them to Moline on Friday, I'd drive from Rapid to Oshkosh to meet Nathan on Friday, Nathan and I'd go to Moline on Saturday, and we'd all go back to our respective homes on Sunday. Sounds easy right?? Except that the van broke down in the middle of SD. Due to the kindness of Rapid friends who happened to be traveling a few miles behind me and hardworking mechanic I was taken care of very well and back on the road with a new transmission by noon on Saturday. I toured scenic Iowa as I went straight to Moline and met Nathan, who had driven from Oshkosh himself, and the rest of the family. Installation went smoothly and Joanna is officially a teacher. Sunday night after driving 1000s of miles we all made it back home.
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