Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Table

Our little round table that was hand-me-downed from my aunt and uncle when Nathan and I got married has been getting smaller and smaller as the kids grow. Last summer I found this table at a garage sale for $5. The lines of the table are beautiful but the black stained top and orange painted pedestal left a lot to be desired. I figured for $5 I could afford to strip and then refinish the table. It was more work than I first assumed with all the curves on the table but I'm happy with the finished product. The top and front to the drawer are stained a lighter more red color and the bottom are a darker, deeper brown. Nathan helped with the varnishing process and is also building a bench for one side. Lydia's chair usually sits on the near side in front of the drawer. Dinner anyone??
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Kristi said...

This looks great. I know you put a ton of time into it. And we would love to come for dinner!!! :o)