Thursday, July 23, 2009

Father's Day

** Right now I"m so far behind on this blog I may never catch up. Bear with me while I cover things that are a month or more past.**

We were traveling back from a trip to MN on Father's Day this year. As a result we celebrated Nathan's Father's Day a week late on the following Sunday. The gifts were simple (a t-shirt, two books, and a chocolate airplane) but given with over flowing love. The kids created a giant card for Nathan by coloring pages of a banner. They thought it was great fun to have Nathan keep his eyes closed while we got them into place with his gifts below the banner and then shout "Surprise!!". My favorite part was watching my kids and my husband delight in each other. I'm very blessed to have married a man who is not only a wonderful husband but also an excellent father to our children. Happy Father's Day.

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