Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reading to a Dog

Evan has always loved books and loves to hear a good story either in person or on a book on CD. One thing he missed this past year was story time at the library and he was eager to get to participate again this summer. One other program they were offering was "read to dog" where kids could come in and read with a trained therapy dog for 20 minutes. Evan learned to read this past year in kindergarten but he'd much rather have us read to him than him read to us. But reading to a dog interested him. He got to read twice to a lab named Desi over the past few weeks and loved it. He picked out several books about dogs for the first week and practiced them with us before the session. The second time he read a beginning reader about Skippyjon Jones (a silly cat who thinks he's a dog) because he thought the dog would find it funny. The teacher who was with Desi did a great job and not only Evan loved the experience but Hans and Lydia as well since when Evan finished she'd let them have a turn as well. We'll look for this on the library schedule again.
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