Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hans is 5

Did I mention that in the middle of the road trip craziness was Hans' 5th birthday? He turned 5 on Thursday July 16. As a mom I was feeling bad that neither Nathan or I would be with him on his birthday. He on the other hand had a great day. Grandma Smith had it all covered with balloons and singing at breakfast, a cake to take up to Great Grandma Zemke's for "coffee", a hotel stay for the following night, and then Aunt Joanna stepped in the next two days with a sign in the front yard, a banner in the living room, and a DQ cake with a helicopter. What more could a five year old wish for his birthday?

1: Hans and his cake made out of ice cream with a helicopter!!

2: The birthday boy sporting new Eagle wear. One more way he's ready for school.

3: Ooooh, AIRPLANES!! Uncle Michael and Aunt Tammy gave this really cool present.

4: And, the boy who takes hundreds of pictures on our camera now has his own. He has since then taken several hundred pictures of everything from another wedding to his brother and sister playing in the van to every flower he sees.

Happy birthday Hans Jeffrey! Hans was named after two very special men, our friend Hans Caauwe and my Dad, Jeff. Two things that these men have in common is their unwavering love for their Savior and their tendency to make us laugh. Our Hans has captured both of these characteristics. It's a joy to watch him grow in every way but especially in his faith and this little boy brings us so much laughter at his goofiness. You are so precious to us. We love you, Hans.

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