Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The past three days Evan and Hans have been able to be part of the Oshkosh area WELS churches VBS. The program was run like a day camp complete with the kids in assigned to "cabins", games, crafts, Bible lessons, puppet shows, sing-alongs, skits, and a whole lot of fun. Much of the organization was done by a group of teens from Camp Philip (a WELS run summer camp near here) but any area congregation members were involved as well. The weeks activities ended with skits and a sing-along that the parents were invited to attend. Since my kids are already talking about next summers VBS I'd say it was well received.

1. Evan was part of Cabin Chicken and they acted out the story of Nicodemus.

2. Hans was part of Cabin Star Wars and they acted out Jesus washing the disciples feet during the Passover.

3.The puppets said farewell to the kids and we heard one final song.

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