Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Goofing Around

1: After the parade we headed back to my parents. The squirt guns were such a hit with the kids that they were allowed to keep them. There were many water fights during the afternoon between not only the kids but the adults as well. Here you can see my kids getting Uncle Brian cornered in my parents' shed. Who was having more fun is debatable.

2: WI has been pretty dry this summer and my parents have some young pine trees out in the meadow that needed watering. I'm not sure how much help the kids were but they loved getting to ride on the four wheeler and in the trailer. (Lydia is behind Hans waving a stick.)

3: Dad bought some do-it-yourself fireworks to put off in the back yard for the evening. He and Brian enjoyed setting them off for us. This one was made to look like a smiley face and Nathan managed to catch it mid-boom. Hans and Lydia both enjoyed the fireworks more this year since they got to wear ear protection ear muff to soften the noise. Lydia was so undisturbed by the noise that she fell asleep on Katy's lap.

4:On Sunday afternoon we headed to Interstate State Park for the afternoon for tadpole hunting (None were found.), fishing (I think we caught two bait stealers.), and geocaching (We didn't find it.). It might sound disappointing but really it was just an excuse to extend our stay. We all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and finally made it home after 11pm.

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