Sunday, November 2, 2008

carving time

Our kids have had their pumpkins since September and they have nicely decorated out front step. Now it was time for the pumpkins to be transformed into much, much more. Since it was chilly we filled the kitchen with pumpkiny-ness as we opened, gutted, designed faces, carved, and candled the seeds, and finally, roasted seeds. Each of our kids were in true form as Evan plunged in up to his elbows to gut the pumpkins and then had very specific directions as to how to best carve his pumpkin face, Hans declared that I could gut his pumpkin since it was too slimy and they was much happier helping cook the seeds after a few mild directives as to his pumpkin face, and Lydia wasn't sure if she really liked to touch the slim but she did like the seeds and had specific instructions including a "sad smile" and "mean eyebrows" for her pumpkin face. The end result brought three unique pumpkins to match the kids they belong to and a bunch of tasty pumpkin seeds for snacking.

1. The whole gang carving (Mary was here and took the picture.)

2. Evan with specific instructions for Dad. 3. Kids and pumpkins as they adorned our step.

4. The "silly picture" the kids begged to let us take. (Aren't most kid pictures silly pictures?? Hmm??)

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