Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Trip 4

Day 5: Late in the evening on day 4 we arrived at my in laws so day 5 was really when we spent the bulk of our time with them. The day was about as perfect a fall day as one could ask for. Most of the day the kids were outside in the sandbox, playing on the "playground" (pics. 1&2), romping around with Freckles (the dog), checking the pigs in Grandpa's barn, picking some soybeans from the neighbors field with Grandma (which were roasted later for a tasty snack), and collecting woolly-bear caterpillars by the handful. When they ventured indoors they made treat bags with Grandma, colored pictures, read books (pic. 3), and "helped" in the kitchen. For the most part they just enjoyed soaking up the attention of their loving Grandparents(pic. 4).
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