Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Trip 3

Day 4: Since Kristi is a preschool teacher and I have three kids at or near preschool age we just tagged along with her to work for day four. The kids enjoyed all the activities especially "work time" (For those of you out of the preschool loop it is a time where the kids choose their own activities and play at stations/centers for an allotted amount of time.) Evan worked at the art area (pic. 1). If I had a penny for every project or picture Evan has created I'd be rich. He's creative to say the least. Hans started off in the leaf table playing with a collection of fall leaves (pic. 2), then he found the trains and happily parked there the remained of the work time. Lydia found a friend in a quiet little boy and the two of them plays in the kitchen making food (pic. 3). The little boy did often have to remind Lydia not to eat the food but they got along well otherwise. We even got to do a special project (pic. 4) that they've requested to do at home and frosted our own cookies.

What's not to love about visiting Kristi and Matthew?? Apparently nothing since there were three kids in tears as we drove away. Good thing we see them again in three and a half weeks. I'm thinking well have to visit again in the spring. :)

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