Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Trip

Evan had a week long fall break from school so the kids and I made the most of it visiting sixteen family members while traveling through/to three states. It was a GREAT trip. The kids are accustomed to traveling for multiple hours at a time so the 2 1/2-5 hour chunks of driving most days were a lot of fun. We listened to Laura Ingles Wilder on CD, sang Veggie Tales, and learned the alphabet game to pass the time. When we actually got to our destinations the fun just kept coming.

Day 1: We left Oshkosh mid afternoon with my mother-in-law along (see back two posts to hear of her visit) and met my father-in-law for supper. After happy meals at McDonald's we parted ways with the kids and I heading to my parents. With three kids I don't arrive quietly anymore so with much ado we made it to destination number one.

Day 2: The pictures are all from the second day. We spent the day with my parents and even visited my Grandma. In the afternoon Evan (pic. 1) got to go hunting with Grandpa. If you know Evan this in no small feat since in required him to be quiet for an extended period. Despite having to be quiet he had a great time and wants to do it again. Hans was upset at first that he couldn't go hunting too but was quickly appeased by getting to help Grandma make supper and (pic.2) make his Halloween costume but more on that later. For dinner my brother, his wife, and their cutie little son (pic. 3)joined us for dinner as did my Grandma. Lydia is in love with all things baby including her baby cousin Ethan. That fact is not reflected in picture 4. All that is there is her ability to smile like a goof ball. :) Day two was a success!

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