Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As a parent I always love my kids but I will admit that there are days it's easier to like them than others. Tonight as I was finishing cleaning up supper things in the kitchen I couldn't hear then kids boisterously playing anymore so I looked around the corner to see what they were doing. Pleasantly surprised, I found them on the couch with Evan leading Hans and Lydia in some quiet evening reading. Left undisturbed they read for quite some time before inviting me to join them. Who could turn down an offer like that?
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quiltonia said...

What a nice family.
I found your blogspot after asking a friend here in Grand Island, NE if she knew you. She lived in RCSD and went to the WELS church. She didn't but asked her friend, Leslie Preble, about you. Leslie sent your blog address so here I am. I am your Grandpa Fulton's first cousin and your grandma talked about you. Since they are both deceased I had lost track of Fulton's family. Small world, no small WELS. God bless you as you pursue an aviation career. Toni Arnold