Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fine Fall Day

Yesterday the weather was beautiful here in Oshkosh. We took full advantage of the 70+ degrees in November and spent some time after school down by the park on Lake Winnebago just enjoying being outdoors. The kids love the water and will gladly throw rocks into it for as long as possible. They also enjoyed finding the tiny shells that are washed up on the beach in long rows now that the beach is all but abandoned. Pictures 1&2 show the kids on the small beach front area but most of the shoreline is made up of small boulders that are perfect size for kids to hop from one to the next. Small pools between the boulders also hold great "treasures" that wash up from the lake. When we'd exhausted the lake front the kids chased seagulls and geese in the large grassy area around the lake. Here we found a giant statue of Chief Oshkosh, the cities namesake (pic. 3). The kids still think Oshkosh is an odd name for a man since it's really a city despite my best efforts to explain that one.
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Kristi said...

I used to hang out at that very park!!!