Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful Days in the Neighborhood

Last Friday and Saturday were beautiful and we filled our days with outdoor activities.

Friday afternoon we were joined by our friends Bekah & Paul and their four sweet children for some springtime fun. (FYI: Bekah was one of my roommates senior year of college and she and her family now live in Milwaukee.) Unfortunately I forgot my camera and can't figure out how to get their pictures to work with blogger so I'll recap and you'll have to imagine. We started by playing on the Little Oshkosh playground and eventually moved to the beach at Lake Winnebago where the kids played with the Tonka trucks and buckets I'd brought along. Since Madelynn is only five months old she stayed out of trouble and was the driest and I'm fairly certain Lydia was the most wet when we finally left the beach and headed to the picnic area for our supper. They kids all played with one another wonderfully and want to get together again soon. As always with nights with old friends the evening passed too quickly. We're hoping that once school is out we can meet up again.

Saturday we made our children very, very, very happy and went to Fleet Farm and purchased our 2009 fishing licenses. This was followed immediately by going to the nearest body of water and fishing. Unfortunately we didn't actually catch anything besides a rock, leaf, tree, and stick. Undeterred we tried a second time after lunch at a different location but again were thwarted. We drown our sorrows in some ice cream from a little neighborhood shop called The Well in Winneconnie.

Pictures: 1. Hans, 2. Evan, 3. Lydia & Nate, 4. my content family

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Kristi said...

Great pictures! Some look like you were on a photo shoot!! The back of your hubby could totally be mine in the last one. Except the shoes are a dead giveaway!