Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebrating G&G

While my in-laws were here this past weekend for Evan's spring program we also added few more fun things to the schedule. Kevin's birthday was last week so we celebrated with jello birthday cake (pic 1). Hans helped me make a cake, Evan and I added the jello, and after I spread the whipped cream Lydia decorated with lots of sprinkles. Saturday morning FVTC (Nathan's school) was hosting an open house/fly-in that we attended. It was nice for all of us to get to see where Nathan spends his days. Saturday afternoon was rainy and dreary outside but we cuddled up here and just spent time together. Lydia actually started her nap on Grandpa's lap. After lunch Evan found some time to read to/with Grandma (pic 2). We had to wave good bye Saturday but know it will be less than three weeks until we see them again.
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