Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Trip: Take Two

From my parents we headed south to Nathan's parents for the next twenty odd hours. We found another set of family we love and another long list of things we managed to squeeze into our time there. We had the worlds shortest baby shower for Matthew & Kristi (She'll hate me for this but you can see her baby bump in the background of picture #1.), a wedding shower for a Zemke cousin, sunrise church service, checking he pigs, playing basketball, sandbox time, a movie, and Easter lunch at Nathan's grandparents with much of his Mom's family. Here are some highlights:

1. Remember the confetti eggs? Evan asked right away at my parents if he could save one for Uncle Jordan. Here he had just put it to good use and is giving Uncle Jordan a kiss to make up for it. From the smile on Jordan I think he's forgiven.

2. The kids are fascinated with the pig barn and Grandpa's pigs. Here Lydia is helping Grandpa check the pigs. It's funny to me that the girl who smells anything odd and declares it "stinky!!" doesn't seem to mind the aroma in the barn.

3. Hans was introduced to the basketball hoop and fell in love. He shot endlessly and declared that he made eight which wouldn't actually surprise me. We came home with a hoop of Nathan's from high school that Hans plans to help Dad mount on the garage soon. (According to Hans they're putting it up Sunday afternoon but we'll see.)

4. What can I say about this one? She' go a chocolate bunny, a cozy spot to watch a movie, and is in the arms of Uncle Jordan. Does it get any better in the life of a three year old? Probably not.

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Kristi said...

I don't hate you. I just think about who is growing inside there and am happy.
And is it any wonder Uncle Jordan is the fav? Just look at those pics. :o)