Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Trip: Take One

About 8am on Good Friday we packed up and headed west to my parents house. We were only there for about 24 hours but managed to fill the day with everything from the kids getting to help Grandma pick out new baby chicks to Lydia trying to get them to swim in the dogs dish to us blow drying them back to life to dinner for 22 that evening to a beautiful Tenebrae service at my parents congregation. These are a few highlights.

1. There was one lone tree that stood in the middle of the meadow which now is fallen over from a storm. Instead of becoming the next stack of firewood it's become the best fort/climbing tree. Here Evan and my nephews Joey and Jesse are demonstrating.

2. My nephew Ethan turned one in January and had discovered the joy of walking. At one point he was doing circles trying to keep up with Hans who was running from one end of the hall to the other. Here Hans is standing still with his little shadow.

3. Lydia has always been very wary of dogs but since our neighbors have moved in with a large coon hound she's become more accustomed. Here you can see that even three crazy mutts don't phase her.

4. When my Mom and Grandma were in TX this winter my Mom found some confetti eggs (a real egg blown and then refilled with confetti). My grandparents used to bring them back when I was a child. You (In this case Evan) sneak up behind an unsuspecting person (here it was Nathan) and crash the whole thing on their heads showering them in teeny tiny confetti. I'm not sure if it's really a Mexican Easter tradition or just something made up but it's always fun.

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