Monday, August 25, 2008

A Day at the Beach

After seven years in SD (the land of the drought and few lakes) we are enjoying being near water. We haven't managed to get on the water in a boat or canoe yet but we've been in Lake Winnebago and around creeks, rivers, and lakes that are found throughout Oshkosh. Saturday we headed to the biggest lake the kids have ever seen, Lake Michigan. While looking into state parks we found Point Beach north of Two Rivers, WI. It's about an hour and a half and well worth the trip. The day was in the low 80s and only a few clouds brushed the horizon. We spent hours in the waves, on the sand, and soaking in the sun. Since school started for Evan today and Nathan's already been at it for a week, it was a nice farewell to summer.

1. The kids were still smiles even at the end of the day. Here we're at the end of the lighthouse trail above the beach.

2. The lighthouse and keepers house.

3. One thing that I didn't realize I'd miss about SD was the wide open space. Looking out at the lake like this was the first time I felt like there was open space to be seen here even if it was over water.

4. Where we were.

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